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Sherbanoo’s Indian Cuisine
Tantalizing Tastes of the Indian Subcontinent




Chapter 1
Herbs and Spices

pages 1-9

What are Herbs and What are Spices?
In the Kitchen and in the Medicine Chest
Ginger and Garlic: Foes then, Friends now
Other Herbs, Spices: Common Ailments
The Changing Role of Spices
Spices Grown in India

Chapter 2
Chutney, Achaar (Pickles), Salads and Raita

pages 10-22

Raita (salad steeped in yogurt)
Kachumber (salad steeped in vinegar)
Achaar or Raita and Kachumber
Mint Chutney (a dip)
Coconut Chutney
Dosai Chutney
Hot Chutney
Date Chutney
Cucumber Raita (cucumber in yogurt)
Onion and Tomato Kachumber (salad)
Gajar Achaar (carrot pickle)

Chapter 3
Hors D’oeuvres, Appetizers, and Tea-time Snacks

pages 23-31

Bhajia or Pakora (dumplings)
Vegetable Samosa (vegetable turnovers)
Meat Samosa (meat turnovers)
Kabobs (meat patties)
Fried Shrimps
Andhvo (vegetable bread)

Chapter 4
Vegetarian Dishes

pages 32-54

Defining a Vegetarian in the West Versus a
Vegetarian in India
Section A - Dal (lentil) Recipes
Sambar (dal prepared in South India) with tamarind
Masoor Dal
Yellow Dal with Eggplant
Mung Bean Dish
Section B - Vegetable Recipes
Cabbage and Coconut
Tomatoes and Onions
Fried Eggplants
Eggplants and Tomatoes
Banana and Spinach
Banana and Coconut
Saag Panir (cheese and vegetable curry)
Yellow Potatoes
Red Potatoes
Tomato Curry (gravy)
Yogurt Curry
Vegetable Biriyani (spicy vegetables layered with rice)

Chapter 5

pages 55-59

Shrimp Curry
Fish Curry
Shrimp Biriyani (spicy shrimps layered with rice)

Chapter 6
Breads of Indian Subcontinent
and Rice Preparations

pages 60-79

Rice Preparations
Plain Boiled Rice
Jeera Rice (rice with cumin seeds)
Yogurt Rice
Yellow Dal Khichadi (rice with yellow lentils)
Masoor Dal Khichadi (rice with orange lentils)
Mung Khichadi (rice with mung beans)
Chicken Akni Pulav (rice with chicken and cloves)
Chapati or Roti (flat bread)
Parota (flat bread butter layered)
Puri (flat bread deep fried)
Dosai (lentil crepe)

Chapter 7
Nonvegetarian - Poultry and Meat

pages 80-96

Chicken Kurma (chicken with coconut in yogurt sauce)
Kadai Chicken
Chicken Biriyani (spicy chicken layered with rice)
Tandoori Chicken
Tandoori Turkey
Kheema Bhaji (ground beef with spinach)
Bhaji Gosh (beef with spinach)
Kheema Matar (ground beef with peas)
Roghan Gosh (meat in yogurt sauce)
Kofta Curry (meatballs in gravy)

Chapter 8
First Course, Sweet-meats, and Other Desserts

pages 97-109

First Course
Sev (fine vermicelli)
Seera (farina in butter)
Gulab Jaam (sweet milk balls floating in syrup)
Badam Paak (almond bars)
Gajar Halwa (carrot and nuts delight)
Method of the past
Gajar Halwa (carrot and nuts delight)
fast and easy method
Gajar Pie (carrot pie)
Kheer (rice pudding)
Shir Kurma (vermicelli pudding)
Kulfi (traditional ice cream of India)
Instant Kulfi

Glossary of Indian terms

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